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All projects listed here are open-source. See Log for a day-by-day account.


  • 2020-11-14 Priority is now WorkFerret, because I need to do some billing. VbzCart is either #2 or #3 after FinanceFerret.
  • 2019-12-28 My current priority is getting VbzCart back online, both as a potential source of revenue and so I have something to show off for establishing credibility.

Once Ferreteria is stable again, the next items at the top of my list are the debate mapper and liquid agenda components of InstaGov. Both of these depend on the "TextFerret" component of Ferreteria (partly working but incomplete) which will also allow Ferreteria to act as a general content-management system (CMS), including wiki pages and blogging. It will also be one of the key pieces of Wikcess. I want TextFerret to be capable of replacing MediaWiki as the CMS for many other projects including Issuepedia, HTYP, InstaGov, and my personal sites (this one,,

Project Directory

In Development

Concept Phase

  • AUIML is a replacement for HTML+CSS+JS which is designed to be comparable to desktop GUI while including the best features of HTML web
  • FactFerret: a data structure for recording arbitrary facts and sources
  • GnuMusiq is an idea for making music distribution more meritocratic than driven by self-promotion ability
  • InstaGov is a suite of web-based tools for self-governance (see WSA).
  • Wikcess is kind of a cross between a semantic wiki and MS Access, with shareable apps
  • brainstorming: concepts still under development



  • /tutoring: specifying an application design as a tool for learning to code