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Wikcess is the working title for a software application, initially web-based, that will combine and extend certain GUI concepts including the wiki, the database management system (DBMS), and to some extent the spreadsheet.

The software is currently in design, though the flex-data engine has been mostly written and is now usable for event-logging.

Conceptual Design


  • flex-data engine (experimental)
  • data editor: view/edit data without defining a form
  • forms: view/edit data in task-oriented formats
  • reports: view data in document-oriented formats e.g. for printing or sharing
  • scripting: facilitate creating useful applications within Excess


I was originally calling this "Ferretsoft Excess" (as a joke-portmanteau of "Excel" and "Access"), but eventually found that the more distinctive name of "Wikcess" was less contextually confusing and also referenced the project's roots in wiki design.

  • 2019-10-11 wrote initial description in HTYP
  • 2020-03-07 HTYP page moved here. The flex-data engine is now functional in Ferreteria.