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Application User Interface Markup Language, or AUIML, is a replacement for HTML+CSS+JavaScript that is designed from the ground up to support a user experience equivalent to that of desktop GUI or specialized mobile "apps", while also supporting HTML's built-in ability to display rich text and media and preserving the URL concept for addressing content.


  • Any given URL delivers a Document.
  • A Document contains one or more Views, equivalent to media type in CSS
    • <view [input] window=scroll/page>
      • attributes:
        • [input]: if present, the view accepts input (keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, media); if not, it is read-only (like a printout or slide)
        • window=scroll indicates that the view scrolls within the Document
        • window=page indicates that the view must be divided into fixed-size pages
      • <area> - a rectangular region within a Window
        • <layer> - stacked renderings within an Area
          • <widget type=... event=...>: display widget
            • type=... values:
              • type=text: displays text; can react to clicks or selections
              • type=image: displays an image; can react to clicks, drags
            • event=... values:
              • click events (sends both click and unclick events):
                • event=click.l - left-click
                • event=click.r - right-click
                • event=click.m - middle-click
              • event=drag - drag with whatever button was clicked
              • event=drop - something was dropped onto the widget (there's data)
              • keyboard events:
                • - any key (not necessarily a character) pressed (also sends release)
                • event=key.change - a keypress caused a change in the text contents


  • To simplify constructing simple pages:
    • a Document is also an Area, so if you want to use the whole Document as an Area, you don't need an <area> tag
    • an Area is also a Layer, so if you only need one Layer you don't need to also define a <layer> tag