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  • Action: Tag is replaced by the value of a variable or expression.

This tag has many operations in common with <let>; a comparison is here.



Support for these options has not been confirmed as of 2022-04-20.

  • arg: get value from the http request argument named name, instead of using a stored variable
    • Retrieves value from $wgRequest->getVal(name, default)
    • This is somewhat obsolete; it is better to use the sysdata syntax
  • codes: process with ShowHTML() before output
  • default= default value to use if argument named arg is not set
    • This may eventually be used to fill in a value in other cases, but for now it doesn't.
  • index= treats name as an array, and specifies the element to use
  • isolate: use extreme isolation to prevent parsing before output
  • lcase: convert to lowercase before output
  • len= maximum number of characters to include; truncate after nth character
  • name= name of variable to retrieve
  • raw: output should not be parsed (usage is restricted)
  • ucase: convert to uppercase before output
  • val= expression to use instead of variable name