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W3TPL, which stands for Woozle's Wacky Wiki Text Processing Language, is a scripting language extension for MediaWiki. It was written to permit some simple scripting and to get around certain restrictions of the wikitext format (e.g. emitting "dangerous" tags). It has largely been superceded by new options and other MediaWiki extensions that are better supported (such as Scribunto), and some tags/options do not currently work.


  • /recipes: useful snippets for W3TPL
  • /tags: tags defined for use within wikitext
  • /sysdata: syntax for accessing system data
  • /test suite: code to verify that W3TPL is working properly
  • /history: change log
  • /dev: bits & pieces under development
  • /archive: obsolete stuff


  • GitLab: official code repository

Technical Notes

W3TPL gets initialized like this: