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"Sysdata" syntax is a way of accessing various bits of information provided by the system under different circumstances. Any value prefixed with "@" will be treated as a reference to system data.

Note that this syntax can only be used in contexts where a value is expected (val=), not a variable (copy=).


  • @title: information about the current page title
    • .id: the article ID
    • .full: namespace:subject
    • .subject: just the part after the namespace and before any slashes (i.e. not the subpage name)
    • .name: just the part after the namespace (including any subpages)
    • .url: URL for the page
  • @user: information about the user currently viewing the page
    • .login: user's login -- $wgUser->getName()
    • .dbkey: user's login in URL format -- $wgUser->getTitleKey();
    • .id: user's database ID -- $wgUser->getID();
    • .can.action: user has permission to do specified action? -- $wgUser->isAllowed(action);
    • .rights: user rights -- $wgUser->getRights(), converted to a prefix-separated list
    • .email: user's email address, if known)-- $wgUser->getEmail()
    • .name: user's full name, if known -- $out = $wgUser->getRealName();
  • @w3ext: information about the extension

currently unsupported

  • @row: information about the current data row
    • .name: name of the field (column) to access
  • @mem: current memory usage, for debugging (this is a kluge and should probably be made more useful or eliminated)
  • @query: DEPRECATED - use @http.get
  • @post: DEPRECATED - use @http.post
  • @http: information about the http request
    • .get.name: value of $_GET["name"]
    • .post.name: value of $_POST["name"]
    • .req.name: value of $wgRequest->getVal(name) -- this function is available via the arg= attribute
  • @env.name: value of $_ENV["name"]
  • @sql: the last SQL statement executed by W3TPL (for debugging)


<let name=pg_title val="@row.page_title" />
<let name=action val="@http.get.action" />
<get val=@user.login />

The first two lines set variables from sysdata; the third line just displays the sysdata value.


  • 2010-09-11 Finally some documentation; decided to deprecate @query and @post in favor of @http.*