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	0.01 (Wzl) Mainly proof-of-concept;
	0.02 (Wzl) Kluge to let <xploop> pull #var value under MW <1.12
 	0.03 (Wzl) <func> and related tags seem to be working
	0.04 (Wzl) Some debugging; now works with v1.12 {{#tag}} function and template parameters (but not very well)
		names are always lowercased because sometimes the parser does it for you
		names are always trimmed, because sometimes the parser includes extra spaces
	0.05 (Wzl) Added variable indirection ($); removed now-redundant "namer" attribute from <let>
		can we do something similar with pre-parsing? (i.e. a character to indicate the need for it -- @(stuff to parse))
		<if> can now make more sense, i.e. using actual values instead of assuming variable names
	0.06 (Wzl) xploop now using variable indirection; removed listvar parameter
	0.07 (Wzl) Execution trace in <dump>
	0.08 (Wzl) <trace> to set trace options; "input" option in <call>
	0.09 (Wzl) <echo> tag; <call> does not output its contents
	0.10 (Wzl) Code runs ok; still writing <w3tpl> tag
	0.11 (Wzl) Added detection of page-protection, and "raw" attribute for <echo>
	0.12 (Wzl) Fixed minor incompatibilities with MW 1.10
	0.13 (Wzl) <for> tag seems to be working, at least for simple stuff
	0.14 (Wzl) <load> tag fails gracefully when title doesn't exist
	0.15 (Wzl) Support for brackets in variable names, to reference arrays
	0.16 (Wzl) No SQL on unprotected pages; "limit" attribute for retrieving partial data
	0.17 (Wzl) Removed some undefined-var warnings which pop up under certain mysterious circumstances
	0.18 (Wzl) Lots of under-the-hood changes; var names are now parsed by the class clsW3VarName, which may later get renamed to clsW3Var and integrated with the full-blown parser to be written. There's still some ambiguity about the exact circumstances under which <let> overwrites existing data and when it operates on the variable's current value.
	0.19 (Wzl) $wgW3TPLSettings['raw-ok'] now allows raw output even if page not protected
	0.20 (Wzl) added "pre" as a deprecated alias for "parse", for backwards compatibility
	0.21 (Wzl) merged changes from other version 0.19 (accidental fork):
		"user.name" and "user.dbkey" system data
	0.22 (Wzl) user.can.[action]
	0.23 (Wzl) added "file=" attribute to <dump> tag; $wgW3_opt_fpLogs
	0.24 (Wzl) wrote code for access to non-MW dbs via "db=" in <for> tag
	0.25 (Wzl) patch for pre-5.3.0 PHP; @title.url
	0.26 (Wzl) 'vars' option for <let> copied from <echo>, but it doesn't seem to work
	0.27 (Wzl) @title.full
	0.30 (Wzl) removed all echo-level tracking; added "var" attribute to <echo>
	0.31 (Wzl)
	    @user.rights - returns marked list of current user's rights
	    "if (defined('__DIR__'))" properly invokes newer PHP constant if it's available
	0.?? 2009-02-13 (Wzl) $wgOptCP_SubstFinish "]" -> "$]" so links and other bracketed stuff don't confuse the var parser
	0.32 2009-04-02 (Wzl)
	    Fixed some warning messages in <for> (use of undeclared var $doTbl in certain circumstances)
	    Fixed bug where upper-cased things in sysvars (@) could not be accessed
	      (was: 2009-01-29 can't access upper-case-named POST variables)
	    "sql=" argument in <for>
	0.33 2009-04-11 (Wzl) - var names are now lowercased before being used as an index, but @sysdata names still are not
	0.34 2009-04-26 (Wzl) - @user.name, @user.email
 	0.35 2009-05-30 (wzl) - merged changes made in v0.33 of separate branch (merged on 2009-06-06)
	    Removed <for name=> parameter, field name is now @row's 2nd argument (not 3rd)
	    <for xps=> option to use xplodable string as list
	    <let oparse> option to parse value only on output (use with "echo" option)
	    @title.subject no longer includes subpages; added @title.name, which does
	0.36 2010-01-19 (Wzl) - minor bugfix in efW3For(): make sure $doDb is always defined
	0.37 2010-01-29 (Wzl) - another minor bugfix in efW3For(): set $out to NULL at start, in case there is no output
	0.38 2010-05-05 (Wzl) - variables in function names using "func=" parameter
	0.39 2010-07-25 (Wzl) - no functional changes; just sorted tag functions alphabetically
	0.40 2010-09-11 (Wzl)
	0.41 2011-05-05 (Wzl) split <for>'s row-display code off into a separate function, for external use (InstaGov)
	    fixed bug in <get arg>
	    added "tag" option to <echo> and <let>
	    deprecated @post and @query; added @http.get/post/req
	0.42 2011-06-01 (Wzl) added plus, minus, min, max, not operators to <let>
	0.43 2011-06-13 (Wzl) moved @sql to @db.sql
	0.44 2011-07-25 (Wzl) functions are now stored in page_props; <call> looks there if it can't find one already loaded
	0.45 2011-08-07 (Wzl) better handling of data.php; cleanup of function-search code
	0.46 2011-08-22 (Wzl) <call> now passes inter-tag text as final argument
	0.47 2011-09-18 (Wzl) belated merge of 0.46 with modified 0.44
	0.48 2011-10-16 (Wzl) adding plugins architecture, <exec> tag
	0.49 2012-01-20 (Wzl) tags returning NULL values cause problems in MW 1.18 (UNIQ-QINU stuff gets displayed)
	0.50 2012-03-18 (Wzl) now shows error message if plugin module does not have requested function
	0.51 2012-04-14 (Wzl) load the StringTemplate library so the class extension doesn't cause an error
	0.52 2012-06-02 (Wzl) better handling of arrays in <for>
	0.53 2012-07-19 (Wzl) bugfix for "chr" parameter
	0.54 2012-08-02 (Wzl) fixed a rather deep bug having to do with array access
	0.55 2012-08-03 (Wzl) fixed minor issue in <call>; duplicate "tag" code removed from <let>
	0.56 2012-08-07 (Wzl) <let>: encode=sql attribute
	0.57 2013-08-29 (Wzl) major rework of library manager -- doesn't affect internal code here, just initialization in the header
	0.58 2014-06-13 (Wzl) had to kluge SQL sanitization in MW because of change to MySQLi library, with object being wrapped up inaccessibly
	  I do not (yet) know how to fix this.
	0.59 2014-10-16 (Wzl) various fixes after migration to Cloud1
	0.60 2014-12-15 (Wzl) no longer invoking config-libs from libraries
	0.61 2015-03-13 (Wzl) split off w3tpl.body.php from W3TPL.php
        0.62 2015-09-09 (Wzl@Rizzo) when trying to access protected db function on unprotected page, note is added to Trace output
        0.63 2015-09-12 (Wzl@Rizzo) replaced array function calls with clsArray method calls
        0.64 2015-09-24 (Wzl@cloud1) tweaks to work with Issuepedia (showrecent) - now using v2 of data lib and v3 of mw lib
        0.65 2015-09-28 (Wzl@cloud1) moved MW properties wrapper-classes into Ferreteria (mw-props.php)
        0.66 2016-09-19 (Wzl@cloud2) This was the version number I got when I pulled from origin.
        0.67 2016-09-19 (Wzl@cloud2) Ferreteria libraries now requested in w3tpl.php