2022/06/23/event-object as output container

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originally rubberducked on Discord


ug, more design decisions...

  • old tree-rendering system: Render() returns a string; each Node sums up the strings from the Nodes underneath
  • new tree-rendering system: OnRender() is dispatched from OnEvent(), which receives an object of any of (currently) 3 different event-classes. Each class specifies the method to call when it is received. (This way we only have to implement *one* dispatch hierarchy.) The Render Event has a string property which is the result of the rendering, and each Node adds its output to that property. ...but there are tendrils of the old system still remaining; my instinct is to convert them and tidy up, but how much will I end up regretting this? Stay tuned...


This could be... such a huge mess.

If it in fact turns out to be just that, then I will have some intensive documentation to do.