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The problem now is that although I've moved our main email domain over to cloud1, emails for that domain are still showing up on cloud5. Also, it seems likely that email sent to some domains is still vanishing silently.

Email to hypertwins.org and vbz.net are still coming through. I'm not seeing anything for other domains, including ownedbycats.org, woozalia.com, or wooz.dev. The ownedbycats.org stuff still needs to be moved off cloud2, so maybe I should start with that.

  • Fixed favicon.ico on HypertWiki.
  • Moved ownedbycats.org HTML and Maildir


  • (15:45) Email sent from cloud1 to test@hypertwins.org is delivered to cloud5, and also generates a loopback error. WTF.
  • (15:54) Webmin still has an account for hypertwins.org on cloud5. Maybe that is messing things up?
  • (16:04) Deleted hypertwins.org (including wiki.hypertwins.org) on cloud5 -- should free up almost 18 GB of space
  • (16:50) Sent a test email to test@hypertwins.org -- nothing came through anywhere...
    • oh hey, do I not have a catch-all configured for that yet?
    • Apparently the alias list I imported earlier was... munged, and forwards to nonexistent domains. Rebuilding and documenting hypertwins.org forwards.
  • (20:38) Forwards rebuilt; sending another test message to test@htorg... not received.
  • (20:48) Deleted what looks like munged forwards in Webmin -- oddly similar to redirects in VirtualMin/hypertwins.org, but deleting the former does not seem to have affected anything in the latter.

Continued working on this the next day.