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I've got a bit of a double-bind situation here...

  • Email retrieval on cloud5 (where it had been for some months) stopped working when I upgraded Ubuntu to 20.04. Dovecot gives errors on IMAP and POP3. Postfix (SMTP) is still working, and we are able to access email via Roundcube, but not desktop or mobile clients.
  • Meanwhile, Dovecot on the new cloud1 server is working -- but MySQL refuses to accept connections from MySQL Workbench, making it difficult to set up databases, which makes it difficult (though not impossible) to set up Roundcube there.

Breaking this down into two major pieces:

  • /db: (FIXED) The MySQL issue came first, as that was a blocker to properly moving email (and some other stuff)
  • The email issue spilled over into the next day.

Moved the HypertWiki from cloud5 to cloud1, and finally decided it should just be the site for hypertwins.org instead of being limited to a subdomain. (The subdomain, wiki.hypertwins.org, should still redirect to the new location so that old links and image embeds will still work... I haven't done that yet.)