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Woozalia Nicola Staddon
Durham, NC

Top Skills

  • software design, primarily web (see portfolio for some examples)
  • Linux system administration, primarily LAMP in Ubuntu
  • heavily into PHP7, with at least 5-10 k hours of coding time (best guess)
  • fluent in SQL (especially MySQL)
  • deeply familiar with MediaWiki
  • documentation to any required level of detail
  • have coded in: Gambas, Perl, Object Pascal (Lazarus / Borland Pascal), C++, Visual Basic, VBA, ASM86
  • informal learner / autodidact (prefer to learn by doing)


  • web dev
    • 2018/06 - 2019/02 back end (PHP/MySQL) fixing bugs and writing new features
    • via Swashbuckler Interactive:
      • 2014/09 NRE: data import from spreadsheet to Drupal/MySQL, database of locomotives and related parts, created admin area
      • 2013/11, 2014/01, 2014/03 Carbondale Tourism: back-end (PHP/MySQL/Drupal) for dynamic search feature
      • 2013/04-2013/05 NEW Corp / WorkAtHome: modifications to login, navigation (PHP)
      • 2012/11-2013/09 The Sash Company: lots of bugs fixed, features added (PHP/MySQL)
        • 2014/03 fixes to shipping-charge calculations
      • 2011/09-2011/11 Explosion Sportswear: SSL cert installation, mods & fixes to their shipping system (PHP/MySQL)
    • 2010/02 ResearchBuy: custom MediaWiki-based pay-for-content system; connected to PayPal, created skin from PhotoShop mockups
    • 1996-present creation, hosting, multiple redesigns of (rework currently in progress)
  • independent web projects

Issuepedia, HTYP, LessigWiki, Woozalia, InstaGov, HypertWiki, and CWRE are all MediaWiki-based.

Coding Policies

The following policy applies to all computer code I write for hire.

Unless otherwise noted, and with the exception of code known by me to represent trade secrets or private information such as account numbers or passwords, all code I write for any client is released to that client non-exclusively and may be re-used or released under a free software license at my discretion. Coding time billed to any client will not be re-billed to future clients who may use the same code or portions thereof.

In plain English:

  • By default, code you pay me to write is released to you non-exclusively; I may re-use such code at my discretion.
  • I will not, however, bill another client for the same code.
  • Nor will I bill you for any work (including coding) that was not done specifically to meet the needs of your project.
    • If I make use of any pre-existing code, I will only bill for any work necessary to adapt it to your project regardless of whether the code was written by me or by someone else.
  • You may continue to use the code indefinitely, free of (further) charge, regardless of whether I release it publicly.

Also, on request, I will be happy to acknowledge your funding of development work on any such code that I release publicly; just let me know how you would like to be acknowledged, and the URL to which the credit should link.