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I learn best by doing; every one of my top skills was acquired either on the job or through independent work.

I had no prior experience with any of the following, at the time I first started using them, except where noted:

  • MySQL, PHP, Perl (for independent use)
  • Apache (for independent use)
  • Linux (as a desktop OS and for web projects)
  • Visual Basic 6 (for Carrier Transicold)
  • MS Access 97 (for Carrier)
  • Transact-SQL (for Carrier)
  • C++ (for Duke U.)
  • Borland Pascal (for Brown U.; I did take a course in Pascal at Duke in 1977, but it used punch cards and was not really applicable to Turbo/Borland Pascal)
  • FORTRAN IV/77 (for Brown U.; I took one class in "Fortran for Engineering" at Duke circa 1983)
  • HTML (for independent use, later used for paid consulting work)
  • CSS (for independent use)