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PortRow Display class
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As with the PortCard display classes, the PortRow display classes handle user I/O formats; see PortCard/disp for additional details.

There is a dual subclass for handling cases where we want to be able to display either single records as a page or multiple records.

Required Methods

(listing not necessarily complete)

  • Events:
    • OnCreateElements(caEvent $oe) : void
    • OnRunCalculations(caEvent $oe) : void
    • Render(caEvent $oe) : void (Note 2022-07-10: This may now be incorrect.)
  • Config:
    • CardClass() : string
    • ContentTemplateString() : string - must return a string template which shows how a given row's data should be presented


The templating system is managed by the Rows classes rather than Card classes because we don't want to be creating the Template object over and over again when we're displaying multiple rows. Once you establish that, then it also makes sense for the template string to be defined by the (Display) Rows class as well.