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Ferreteria class ferret\layout\caNavElement



see layout/event subsystem

  • OnRender() appends RenderOutput()
    • public function OnRender(cEventNodeRender $oe) : void { $oe->Append($this->RenderOutput()); }
  • GetShouldDisplay() returns GetVisible().
  • GetVisible() returns the value of the object's $isVisible flag, set by default to TRUE via SetVisible() during SetupDefaults()
  • RenderOutput():
    • if GetShouldDisplay(), then:
      • RenderDisplay()
      • else returns an empty string.
  • RenderDisplay() returns RenderValue() wrapped in a <li> tag.
    • 2022-07-18 Not sure this should be a thing. If it should, add it to the layout/event docs and make sure podlings are using it when appropriate.
  • RenderValue() comes from cElement
  • RenderBranch() comes from cElement
  • RenderTwigs() comes from cElement