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  • Clone the Ferreteria Git repository into a folder of your choice, which we'll call <ferreteria base>.
  • Make a "config" folder outside of the repository.
  • Inside this folder:
    • Link from the <ferreteria git folder>/config/portable folder so it appears here.
      • TODO: add this to detailed instructions:
        • From inside the "portable" folder: ln -rs ../../git/ferreteria/config/portable/ portable
    • Copy the <ferreteria git folder>/config/local/examples folder.
  • Adapt the examples for your local environment, according to instructions in each file, and put the results in <ferreteria git folder>/config/local/.

TODO: turn /home/<user>/site/config/ferreteria/local/site.php into an example file, once it is working.

I think it may also be necessary to link <ferreteria git folder>/config/local/ide.php, but this seems a bit sloppy if so; the need-case should be documented or this should be tidied up.


I'll use the following shorthand:

  • <$HOME> = the home folder for all of the domain-user's files
  • <$WEB> = the public HTML folder (typically public_html or www) inside <$HOME>
  • <$ft> = the Ferreteria base folder (My convention: <$HOME>/site/git/ferreteria)

See conventions/vdomain for more explanation.


You'll need to have <$USER>'s account set up with an ssh key that can access GitLab. At least, I think that's the requirement. It might be more GitLab-project-specific.


These instructions assume some common-sense understandings (generally: if a thing has already been done outside of these instructions, you don't need to do it again here).

[2022-10-14] Also, they are probably not entirely up-to-date with the current structure.

Action / Intention Commands Where You End Up
Make sure you're in the right place as the right user.
cd <$HOME>
su <$USER>
Set up some folders.
mkdir site
cd site
mkdir git
cd git
Clone the Ferreteria repository.
git clone git@gitlab.com:woozalia/ferreteria.git
cd ..
Create the site's config folder.
mkdir config
cd config
Copy config files from the repository into the config folder, where you can make changes.
cp -R ../git/ferreteria/config ferreteria
cd ..
mkdir dropins
cd dropins
Link from within the site-wide dropins folder to specific Ferreteria dropins you want to use.
ln -rs ../git/ferreteria/dropins/basics basics
ln -rs ../git/ferreteria/dropins/users users
ln -rs ../git/ferreteria/dropins/wiki wiki

Note that you may rename the folder-links anything you like (e.g. prefixing them with numbers for sorting); all folders in <$HOME>/site/dropins will be checked for valid drop-ins.

TODO: configuration instructions

for standalone

Make a dropins folder under site, and link or copy the folders for all the Ferreteria dropins you want to use into that folder.

for MediaWiki

These instructions need to be rewritten. At present, I'm not putting much work into continuing to support MediaWiki.