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  • Was the sample wiki shown in the PowerPoint presentation an actual MediaWiki installation? If so, I could use a copy of the skin and relevant .css files to make the wiki I am developing start out with that look. Since the appearance is 2nd priority, however, I won't focus on this until the functionality has been implemented.
  • For next stage: need to pin down how they would like each user's "credits" to be displayed.


  • non-editable sections - done; turned out not to be really necessary
  • automatic indexes - done
  • enable the patrolling feature - done
  • "add a page" feature as in wikihow - done, but may be too simple


1. Tasks to be done

  • non-editable sections
  • automatic indexes
  • enable the patrolling feature
  • "add a page" feature as in wikihow

1a. non-editable sections

  • Create 1-3 pages with protected sections as specified by employer
  • Includes creation of individual protected pages for transclusion in main page, with contents specified by employer

1b. automatic indexes

  • Install extension or make other code changes as necessary so web site has the ability to automatically display lists of pages based on [[category]] tags.
  • Create 1-3 such lists either as needed for actual use or as examples for others to follow. Additional lists can be created if budget permits.

1c. enable "patrolling" feature

1d. Install "add a page" feature

  • decide which extension is best for implementing this feature
  • install extension
  • create page for adding a page, if necessary
  • make any necessary technical modifications (i.e. anything which can't be done through the web browser by a person familiar with normal MediaWiki editing) to bring the "add a page" page in line with the look-and-feel of the rest of the site

2. Breakdown of time

These estimates do not take into account any unexpected complications I may run into once the content requirements are known and I have actually looked at the site.


  • 2a. non-editable sections: 1-2 hours
  • 2b. automatic indexes: 1-2 hours
  • 2c. enable "patrolling": <1 hour
  • 2d. install "add a page": 2-5 hours

I didn't list a time estimate for the "add a page" feature in my original time estimate (email of 8/30 5:37 pm) because at the time I needed more information. Of all the requested features, this is the one I where I am least certain of the exact process to make it work, hence the higher time-estimate and greater variation. Even with the maximum of 5 hours, however, this still falls within the allocated budget for this project.


7 days maximum