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Web Apps

  • WorkFerret, a web app for tracking billable hours and generating invoices



partial screenshot of the ResearchWikis home page

The only wiki site I have created from scratch for a 3rd party was "ResearchWikis", a MediaWiki instance created for a company named ResearchBuy. More details here

Independent Wiki Projects

I have created the following MediaWiki sites on my own initiative:

  • wooz.dev (this site)
  • woozalia.com: creative output site
  • Issuepedia, a political analysis site (started 2005)
  • HTYP, a general reference site (started 2005)
  • CWRE (The Center for Wingnut Remedial Education), a fact-checking site
  • HypertWiki, a personal/family wiki (first wiki created - 2005)
  • VBZ Wiki, a wiki for my online store


my logo for the epigram bot on TootCat

Epigram is an ActivityPub bot written in PHP which generates amusing gobbledygook from a set of templates and posts it when commanded (e.g. via cron job).