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class ferret\layout\caHypertextPage


caHypertextPage cStandard


This class handles web pages rendered as HTML (as opposed to XML or whatever other doctypes might be worth implementing). It sets the doctype to HTML and adds an html tag element but doesn't specify the class (to be determined by how the Class_forTagHTML() method is cemented).


  • config:
    • Class_forTagHTML() (abstract): returns class to use for <html> tag
    • DocTypeClass(): returns layout\html\tag\cDocType
  • element-node creation:
    • AddTagNode_html()
  • element-node access:
    • DocTypeNode()
    • GetTagNode_html()
    • GetTagNode_body()


  • 2022-07-23 renamed from caHtml to caHypertextPage, for clarity